Why dream of snow?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 3, 2012
Why dream of snow?

To the interpretation of dreams resorted from ancient times. Appealed for help to the sorcerers and healers, to the buggers. They did not tell their secrets to anyone, but handed it down. With technical progress, now you can unravel any dream in a few minutes, and whether you believe in it or not, the choice is yours.

Dream Interpretation: why dream of snow

To dream of snow means confusion, but trouble will pass by and will not affect you. To taste the snow or have it to the destruction of hopes and ideals. Watch as the snow falls or the snowflakes whirl - litter with a loved one, monetary difficulties, try to understand the dream and change its purpose in time. Melting snow, associated with the end of winter, to see it in a dream, a good sign, to the joy. Seeing the top of the snowy mountains in the distance means that you will easily succeed. Well also if you dream of a snowy landscape - fortune is on your side, power and success will accompany you. For girls, sledding in the snow means that she will have to fight for her boyfriend.Go through the snow-covered fields and snowdrifts, drown in the snow and get lost - you are waiting for trials and failures, be persistent. Snowballing in a dream foreshadows discord in the family or with relatives. Walking in the snow is a pleasant surprise. According to Z. Freud, if a woman fell into snowfall, then she wants children, if she has taken refuge, she is afraid of an unwanted pregnancy, however, this dream does not bode well for a man, you should especially pay attention to health.

Why dream of white snow

According to the esoteric dream book, white snow (pure) indicates a warning about your illness or illness of your family. Melting with mud, gray snow promises an amendment from minor diseases such as colds, etc., and, according to the esoteric dream book, the disease also means playing with snowballs and snowfall.

Dirty snow - contempt from others, white on the contrary.

In the modern interpreter of dreams, Snow, especially white and sparkling, means wealth and success. If in a dream the snow falls right in your face, then all the trouble and gossip, as well as the proceedings, will bypass you.

Why dream of snow in summer

As a rule, it is in the summer or at any time of the year, except for the winter, that the interpretation of sleep about snow matters, it is at that time when it is not there that omens come to us, and to believe in it or not is your business.

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