Yoga and Shopping: Radcliffe Enjoys the Simple Life

Journalists have learned how are the stars of "Harry Potter".

Actor Daniel Radcliffe spends all his free time with his beloved. She goes shopping with her, attends yoga classes, walks in the park. In the general, lives as an ordinary guy, far from fame and luxury. And he seems to like it very much. At least, on all paparazzi photos he looks very happy.

Recall the beloved star of "Harry Potter" is calledErin dark. She is an aspiring actress. They met at the shooting of the melodrama "Kill your loved ones" and almost immediately began to meet.

Later, Daniel told reporters that he had met the girl of his dreams. “I think I was always looking for just such a relationship. I wanted my love first of all to be my friend. In the case of Erin, this is exactly what happened. I was very lucky with her, ”the actor admitted in one of his interviews.

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